The Day We All Stood Still For The Kardashians

Just last month, so many people thought that President Obama and his wife decision to ban their kids from watching Keeping up with the Kardashians was a mistake but they were wrong. I really don’t understand how people choose their mentors in life.

Do not get me wrong, I am a diehard fan of the Kardashians Reality show on E! I think the Kardashians ladies are pretty and of course my favorites amongst them are cute baby Mason, Kourtney and Bruce Jenner.
About two months ago, Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries; her wedding (second wedding) was publicized like that of a royalty. According to The New York Post, Kim made over $17million from selling of exclusive video and photo rights, free wedding cake etc. Shockingly, 72 days (October 31, 2011) she took the world by storm when it was reported that she had filed for divorce from Kris, citing irreconcilable differences and we will went berserk.

From twitter, Facebook & BBM thousands of people began publicizing their opinion and my Nigerian brethren were fully active on the topic. A friend had written on her DM (Display Message) ‘O Kim, why? I knew there was something not right about Kris with a crying face’ few minutes later she changed her DM and wrote ‘Go back to Reggie. We guys are great together’
My favorites tweets were:
@EdochieWisdom: He who rushes into marriage with a reality show star should expect divorce papers before the next harvest.
@toluogunlesi: By tomorrow morning the 1st bestselling account of the Kim.K’s marriage will be hitting the shelves (written this evening, printed overnight)

@Toluogunlesi: If KimK had released this distracting news two weeks ago Gaddafi might still be alive today.

Right now, Kim is in Australia promoting the Kardashians Kollection while Kris is sobbing and hiding at his parents’ home in Minnesota. According to 50% of marriages in US ends in divorce which is the highest in the world. I am not married but do know that marriages are not meant to be perfect or rosy all the time. People who find themselves in bad marriages are those who set their marriages on different agenda such as money, power, name, etc. Like Kim did, glad she claimed that on her blog
I do wish Kris and Kim well and I hope they find the happiness they are looking out for. As for you; my friend choose your mentors right you can only be the best mentor for yourself *wink*

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2 thoughts on “The Day We All Stood Still For The Kardashians

  1. VEE

    You’ll also find that the western society’s acceptance of divorce has added to the increase of divorce rate in these places…..I think the show simply promotes everything wrong with young adults of today and should be yanked off…And did Kris really think he had found a WIFE???

  2. Ejigegs,

    Nice blog post! Really, is the divorce rate that high?? Why marry then?

    Truth is, i dont follow the Kardashians but i do agree with your advise on marriage. It’s really the couple’s choice to decide to make it work.

    What a pity about the divorce rate, though.

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