P.S I wouldn’t keep quiet

I really cannot keep quiet about this, it was sad enough that I heard, I had lost one of my best high-school teacher (Mr.Onu) today, my office was pretty hot (No PHCN light & generator problem) and some side comments from colleagues about me was pissing me off. I decided to log on to twitter to catch up on people tweets and update my page too, then I saw a shocking comment for a friend that I consider as a brother and I was immediately upset. My heart was heavy and I could not bear to keep quiet about it and decided to call the offender about his inappropriate comment.

So, before I quote his comment note that this is a direct statement from his twitter account @GbengaGOLD, “Talking about Vision202020 is like dreaming of Kim Kardasian giving you HEAD when Risika, agbo seller won’t let you touch her CC” and then to add injury to the issue he went on to say, “DATE Tonto (Vision2012), SHAG Genevieve (Vision 2013) and BED Waje (Vision 2015). Then may be, you can ask Kim Kardashian OUT (Vision202020)”.

I called Gbenga up on the phone.

“Hello, Gbenga. Hey, I think you comments on twitter is really inappropriate and does not reflect well on you. You are a married man with a daughter, people follow you now on twitter and look up to you,” I said.

“Ejiro, my comments was not in anyway inappropriate, I was only trying to reflect the current situation in the country with my comment. I am not comfortable where I am now, I’m brash and will be for sometime to come,” he said.

I pulsed for a moment, I could not quite understand how these ladies reflect on Nigeria’s situation.

“I am okay with you have to make comments that are directly to the government be it harsh or insensitive but to use real names of people to highlight you angry in an indecent manner does not address your situation,”  I stressed.

“These ladies are public figures I have respect for and are sex symbols, proud to be mentioned and spoken about. I was making a point and if you can’t see it. I’m sorry.”

At a point I decided to give up that conversation and called four male colleagues to come view the tweet post on my laptop and each of them expressed their disappointment about Gbenga’s comment and said he was really disrespectful. According a male colleague, “………….this just tells his level of reasoning and maturity. I am shocked this is coming from a married man with a daughter.”.

“In twitter, you see so many offensive tweets and are highly inappropriate. His tweets just show the kind of person he is.”

I consider Gbenga as a good friend, we have been close way back at my former office and have kept in touch ever since. I can admit that we hardly agree on issues but we respect each other as friends. And as friends I tend to look out for my friends, support them and advice them when I think they need it (I’m not the smartest person on earth).

But I do not get it when people tend to be disrespectful others especially to WOMEN. I’m a strong feminist follower and belief that men show portray women in a better light and show respect to our being or personality.

My argument with Gbenga went for a while and he challenged me to post his tweets to people and get their comments on if they think that his tweets were disrespectful and inappropriate. So, people tell me what do you think? Gbenga is listening………………..

Your opinion counts!

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10 thoughts on “P.S I wouldn’t keep quiet

  1. Joseph Ogedegbe @ogedegbejoseph

    Mr Gbenga’s tweet is just a clear literary statement, it is not in any way improper and it does not show any disrespect to the names mentioned.
    I think it takes a higher level of understanding to fully comprehend what he has tweeted.
    Thumbs up for him, in fact I’ll post that tweet on my page.

  2. VEE

    Totally inappropriate!!!

  3. Daffy

    Like Azubbie and Funkytek9 said well he is free to say what he as to say, but looking from the context of which it is said it, the anger and fury is directed at the country the vision202020 not to the people mentioned. i think Gbenga should have use a better approach in addressing his message. Come to think of it Gbenga how many of those people behind vision202020 understand your tweet… simple english sometimes is best to address and solve a lot of issues. Point noted though…

  4. Bobby

    Gbenga is very very inexcusably wrong for tweeting that, but in the same vein, u shudnt have made it public knowledge by broadcasting. Sit your friends down and advise dem one-on-one…if you really value them as much as you claim you do, that is.
    Sorry for your loss! Mr Onu was also my social studies teacher in JSS 2. I really miss him!

    • Hello, Bobby.

      Thanks for your comment but I do hope you read the post very well and it was stated that Gbenga approved that I should ask people publicly what they thought about his tweets. He wanted to get other people opinion to know if they understand what his tweets meant.

      If you read through my blog you will find out that all my post are personal and reflect on how I view things and how I react to them. I use my blog as a way to communicate my inner mind to people express what I cannot say directly in writing. I will not try to prove that I was right by publicizing this post . I love my friends and I can do anything to for them if its within my strength. Gbenga is one the most hardworking, determined, optimistic person I have met in my life. There is no good business idea or project that I can ever think of and the name of the first person I want to talk about it with is GBENGA. I practically look up to him sometime and respect him. However, my post was not in anyway meant to hurt Gbenga, we both wanted to hear other people’s opinion. There is no love lost between us.

      Mr.Onu was a good man, a guardian, mentor and friend. May his soul rest in peace. xoxo

  5. Funkytek9, I’m sure you understand what context means. Plus, it’s easy for anyone to take one look at my tweet and say, “Why would he say those things to women?” But look at the tweet again and ask yourself if I really demeaned anyone, Kim included. Any man who knows her and says he’s never imagined doing stuff to her is lying. Plus, I only used these ladies to pass a message, one that got lost in the over-bearing moralistic tendencies that has put Nigeria and Nigerians in chains. I said what I said in the context of the short sightedness of my country’s leadership. That is the issue here that you have failed to address, instead you think you have the moral compass to guide a man whose convictions you know not. Finally, Twitter is the only place where constructive and wholesome conversations about the happenings in Nigeria take place. While some choose to hide behind a password, afraid to express their frustrations and suggest solutions, we choose to be bold and challenge the status quo. Have an open mind and follow some of the people I follow. There might be an education in there for us all. Thanks for airing your view.

  6. Azubbie

    I totally agree with you that Gbenga tweets are off colour, but truth be told, he is free to say whatever he likes. Twitter is a platform to air your views, no matter how silly it may sound. I have seen worse things being said on Twitter.

    Best approach for something like this, if you feel offended, is to use the #unfollow button. No one has been penalised for doing so.

  7. chaichow

    Gbenga is free to dream and fantasize, if he chooses to be creative and nutty, its all a function of his abstract mind.. I for one know he can’t get near any of the women he mentioned… So let him dream on

  8. well as much as i would like to codemn gbenga, whateva u say on twitter is taking seriously cos pple just go dere to express themselves in d most degrading way ever as a means of having fun. that said, since he said its a way of expressing his feelings aboutdis country(which honestly dont make sense to me), i tink as we wld say in d hood ‘naim get e mouth, if e like make e use am lick pepper, naim e go pain’.

  9. Yes, I am listening. People, be fair. Thanks

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